Competition Grading for 2017

Please find here the Competition Structure for the 2016 season.


Initial Grading

Regrade (Round 6 onwards)


More detailed information will be provided to your club secretary. All enquiries regarding the regrading MUST be lodged with your club secretary who will handle your initial questions.

Draw By Team


Club Team Draw
Arncliffe Scots Baseball Club 1st Grade - Gallagher Download/View
  2nd Grade - Petersen Download/View
  5th Grade - Olshen (ex 6th) Download/View
  7th Grade - Fielding Download/View
Belmore Rovers Baseball Club 2nd Grade - Heath Download/View
Bonnet Bay Baseball Club 3rd Grade - Fenn Download/View
  7th Grade - Noakes Download/View
Canterbury Baseball Club 4th Grade - Kim Download/View
  5th Grade - Choi Download/View
Cardinals Baseball Club 2nd Grade - Prenter (ex 1st) Download/View
Chipping Norton Baseball Club 3rd Grade - Brewer Download/View
Comets Baseball Club 1st Grade - Geldenhius Download/View
  2nd Grade (Gold) - McDonald Download/View
  2nd Grade (Royal) - Noye Download/View
  3rd Grade - Westell Download/View
  4th Grade - Sammut Download/View
  5th Grade - Crebbin Download/View
  7th Grade - Nash Download/View
  8th Grade - Pillington Download/View
Cougars Baseball Club 5th Grade - Biber Download/View
  7th Grade - Corey (ex 8th) Download/View
Cronulla Sharks Baseball Club 1st Grade (Black) - White Download/View
  1st Grade (Blue) - Clout Download/View
  3rd Grade - Choat (ex 4th) Download/View
  6th Grade - Tree Download/View
East Hills Baseball Club 2nd Grade - Watson Download/View
  3rd Grade - Klianis Download/View
  6th Grade - Harkin (ex 7th) Download/View
  8th Grade - Siddens Download/View
Eastern Suburbs Junior Baseball Club 6th Grade - Neads Download/View
  8th Grade (Blue) - Jennings Download/View
  8th Grade (Red) - Twaddell Download/View
Fairfield Baseball Club 1st Grade - Rojo Download/View
Giants Baseball Club 4th Grade - Stevenson Download/View
Illawong Baseball Club 1st Grade - Percey Download/View
  2nd Grade - Fletcher Download/View
  3rd Grade - Cooper Download/View
  4th Grade - Matthews (ex 5th) Download/View
  6th Grade - Watts Download/View
  7th Grade - Hitchcock Download/View
  8th Grade - Southwell Download/View
Playboys Baseball Club 4th Grade - Moon Download/View
Renown United Baseball Club 3rd Grade - Teasel Withdrawn
St George and Sutherland Brewers Sports Club 6th Grade - Weegan Download/View
St George Juniors Baseball Club 6th Grade - Beccaris Download/View
St George Leagues Baseball Club 1st Grade - Langer Download/View
St John Bosco Baseball Club 5th Grade - Ingwersen Download/View
St Patricks Baseball Club 2nd Grade - Poole (ex 3rd) Download/View
  4th Grade - Roberts (ex 5th) Download/View
  7th Grade - Torr Download/View
Team Korea Baseball Club 1st Grade - Kim (ex 2nd) Download/View
Yarrawarrah Tigers Baseball Club 2nd Grade - Paynter Download/View
  5th Grade - Gaynor (ex 4th) Download/View